To rescue stray cats in the city & industrial area of Lethbridge, Ab. The Last Chance Cat Ranch


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  • To rescue and rehabilitate abandoned cats, including ferals.
  • To provide shelter and caregivers to care for the cats we rescue.

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The Last Chance Cat Ranch has rescued cats from the industrial area and also removed the bodies of frozen cats, moms trying to keep their kittens warm. Our goal is to trap, neuter/spay and return cats to a safe environment with caregivers to ensure that there is food, water and veterinary care as required.

A registered not for profit society in Alberta, formed in 2006 and have rescued and cared for over 200 cats since then. We also provide support for people who are having behavioural problems with their cats, find stray cats, and promote responsible pet ownership. We are one of several rescue groups in Southern Alberta that embraces a no kill policy. We are in need of a central facility to house and rehabilitate cats that are taken in to our system as we currently rely on foster homes.

We are vocal in our community, featuring a cat for adoption every Saturday in our local newspaper. We also are the spearhead for public awareness.

A grant from Pepsi will allow us to meet our goals.

Community Benefit

Will decrease the number of stray and abandoned cats in the city. Through neuter/spay there will be a reduction in kittens and hopefully the cycle will be broken with a decrease in numbers. Education for responsible pet ownership will also hopefully decrease abandonment. The City of Lethbridge has not been supportive of animal rescue efforts and thousands of stray, feral and abandoned cats have perished as a result, either starving to death, freezing or dying from disease. The city pound impounds and kills without effort to adopt or reunite lost pets with owners. The neuter, spay, return of cats to feral colonies will reduce the numbers dying and reproducing. Public education is a key and awareness will hopefully encourage people to be more responsible. The Last Chance Cat Ranch is a voice for abandoned cats and the spearhead for the formation of the Southern Alberta Rescue Coalition which will unite all rescue groups in the region, through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 65,000 Leasing and preparing a building, including amenities
$ 20,000 Neuter,spay and vaccinate rescued cats
$ 15,000 Food and other essentials

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