Prevent suffering & early death of Canadians at risk for iron overloadCanadian Hemochromatosis Soceity


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  • To raise awareness in 30 communities throughout AB and ON
  • To prevent suffering and premature death for those at risk of HHC


Canada is a vast country. How do we wisely spend $10K to effectively inform Canadians about the dangers of HHC? We target 2 provinces: Ontario is the province with the largest amount of people with a Northern European origin, which is the group mainly affected by HHC; Alberta, which also has a large Caucasian population, consists of Primary Care Networks throughout the province that would make reaching affected individuals easier. We will hold information sessions in 30 communities throughout AB and ON where there are known individuals and families with HHC. We will spread awareness of HHC amongst relatives and health care professionals living and serving within each community by providing information such as what hemochromatosis is, who is affected, how it's diagnosed and how it's treated. Volunteers and medical care networks will help organize and promote each session. The AB tour will take 2 weeks, reaching 10 communities; the ON tour will take 4 weeks, reaching 20 communities.

Community Benefit

As a result of these information sessions, current sufferers and future generations of HHC sufferers would be screened and treated earlier. Secondary diseases such as cirrhosis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and others are prevented, resulting in reduced suffering and healthier, vibrant lives – lives with a normal life expectancy, not shortened by an easily treatable disorder. Healthy lives leads to healthy families which in turn leads to healthy communities. In addition to the lives saved from suffering and premature death, another benefit to Canadians is that health care dollars are saved through the reduced number of patients requiring treatment from diseases caused by the untreated excess iron in the body. Bloodletting is required as part of the treatment for HHC. Eligible individuals would be able to donate their blood to Canadian Blood Services and save up to 3 lives with each donation.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: $5000 Meeting room rentals (some may be procured at no cost) $4000 Promotional costs (some may be procured at no cost)
$ 2,100 Accomodation costs for two week AB tour
$ 700 Meal costs for two week AB tour
$ 500 Car rental for two week AB tour
$ 4,200 Accomodation costs for four week ON tour
$ 1,400 Meal costs for four week ON tour
$ 800 Car rental for four week ON tour
$ 300 Brochures and handouts

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