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  • Integration of these marginalized individuals back into their communit
  • Identify individual strengths and build on them within their community
  • Assist with community development and future planning
  • Overcome stereotypes about Homelessness within the community
  • Use Therapeutic Recreation to build on current skills


In terms of recreation, the homeless population is generally overlooked.This program would allow these individuals to have the opportunity to engage in something they otherwise would not be able to participate in due to the overwhelming amount of barriers that they face.  

This program will:
-Have more Staff available to offer more office hours for both weekly programs as well as one on one Therapeutic Recreation Sessions for individuals.

-Have safe and accessible Accommodations for the participants to attend programs, get involved and feel welcome.

-offer a wider variety of Programs for participants to attend.Everyone has unique interests and skills that they can use to benefit themselves and/or others.

-Include marginalized individuals into their community in a positive ways by maximizing on the individuals strengths.

Rec has several physical, social and emotional benefits that assist all individuals with skills to use in their daily lives.



Community Benefit

Homelessness is often stereotyped or misunderstood by the general public, however these individuals how face several barriers have many skills that can benefit both themselves and others. This program will: -identify a service gap for this population in terms of recreation and the benefits that individuals gain from involvement in these activities. -identify the importance of Therapeutic Recreation for this population in terms of matching each individuals skills with a meaningful activity within their community to benefit others. -assist with community development and future planning in terms of assist with homelessness in Hamilton. -allow the individuals to have a save and positive opportunity to use their skills to give back to their community and be accepted. -change the negative perceptions that people have about homelessness.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Staff will be hired based on having a Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies with a concentration in Inclusive and Therapeutic Recreation.
$ 47,600 Staff
$ 24,765 Program Materials
$ 2,635 Minor Capital
$ 25,000 Accomodations

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