create Unity 4 the Community by throwing a huge street party Unity 4 the Community


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  • Throw a huge street party to establish a residential committee


We would like to throw a day long street party, to bring the neighbourhood together in hopes of establishing a residential committee. To promote the benifits of a unified community and show the positive that can be acheived, as a unified community.
With slogans like "Strenght in numbers" and "Unity for the community".
When the committee is established we would like to make this a annual event.
Not only will this street party be fun, but also informative. With the emphisis on stregthening the community, and establishing a committee.
During the event we would like to showcase entertainment, food from different cultures in our neighbourhood... as well as family fun.
Our goals is to  meet a community need through empowerment!

Community Benefit

To give our residential committee a chance to streghten and enhance our community by bringing everyone together. To promote the benefits of a unified community, and show the positive that can be achieved. To provide integral learning opportunities, by holding planned programs that allow our children to grow, mentally, physical, artistically, culturally and socially. In conjunction with family programs and community events.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 5,500 Entertainment/ Special guests
$ 5,500 Food & Drinks
$ 8,500 Communications & Promotions, ID for volunteers etc
$ 5,500 Equipment, staging, tents, lights & barricades, permits etc

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