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  • Connect youth water stewards across Canada
  • Provide space for youth to get actively involved in water issues
  • Facilitate regular dialogue on Canadian water issues and solutions

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Water is our lifeblood and most precious resource. Let’s bring Canada’s future leaders together to protect it for generations to come! Young leaders aged 18-35 across Canada are passionate about water issues in their communities, but many lack the guidance and resources to enact real change. Waterlution aims to empower tomorrow’s decision makers with the tools and connections needed to fulfill their potential and make a difference. The Waterlution Hub Network will build on the momentum of the Future of Water workshops, bringing individuals from all stakeholder groups and disciplines together to explore solutions to local water problems. The Hub Network will allow youth leaders to access learning opportunities, share ideas and resources, and work with local organizations to gain an understanding of the local water landscape. The network will feature Hubs in 5 hot spots across Canada connected to the surrounding region via a web-based information portal and social media platforms.

Community Benefit

Water touches us all. Communities across Canada struggle to balance competing interests and maintain healthy water resources. Multiple stakeholders and leaders of all ages need to be involved in designing sustainable solutions to water management. Waterlution provides the space and process to do this. Through interactive weekend-long workshops, Waterlution creates opportunities for water experts to share their important lessons with tomorrow’s decision-makers; for Aboriginal youth to share their communities’ stories with non-Aboriginal youth; and for future leaders to gain the inspiration and understanding needed to enact real systemic change. The Hubs will offer discussion forums, field tours, mentoring opportunities, film screenings, grant writing seminars, and will develop short films on water issues to be shared virally with the broader public. Canadian youth will be offered support for deeper participation in creating a legacy of better water management in their communities.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 5,000 film production ($1000 x 5 Hubs)
$ 5,000 online support for connecting to other Hubs
$ 5,000 guest speaker honoraria ($1000 x 5 Hubs)
$ 5,000 rental of gathering space ($1000 x 5 Hubs)
$ 5,000 travel costs and recruitment efforts to rural communities ($1000 x 5)

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