help unite our community and establish our youth drop in centre.Split Rock Learning Centre


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  • To create a youth drop in centre
  • To provide a space for youth and community members to interact


We have worked closely over the years with many community stakeholders and youth to learn what is needed in our community. From these discussions it has became quite clear that a youth drop in centre is needed. We have partnered with the community to find a suitable place to be used that only needs minor work. Currently there is no such place for the youth in our community. We currently operate out of an old cotton mill that has minimal space and equipment, however the youth still access our site with the hopes of someday creating something better. With this funding we will be able to purchase many things for the youth centre which the youth have stated they want through surveys we have done in local school as well as out of school youth.We work with a wide variety of youth from various backgrounds and turn no one away. After our materials are purchased our organization will run various programs and activities for our youth and will continue to run it for years to come.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: budget will not cover transportation to and from youth centre international visits from other youth internet for our [email protected] site janitorial costs community clean ups done by youth (their supplies) kitchen costs
$ 25,000 sports equipment, youth centre equipment
$ 5,000 advertising
$ 12,000 food for entire year
$ 42,000 full and part time staff
$ 8,000 training for staff and up and coming youth leaders
$ 8,000 utilities and rent, community partners will assist with funding after

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