Create a co-op organic farm to allow young farmers space to grow.Yarrow Ecovillage Society


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Where other than at a farmer's market can you buy funky green zebra tomatoes, purple carrots, or golden ground-cherries? Canadians are increasingly seeking out local, sustainably-grown fruits and vegetables, and there are many farmers who would like to supply the demand for delicious, home-grown produce, but who cannot afford the land on which to farm.

The Yarrow Ecovillage has about 20 acres of farmland that organic, small-scale farmers will be able to lease at a reasonable cost. Almost everything is in place - a dairy farm has been purchased, power for the farmer's needs is being brought to the field, and there are at least four sets of farmers ready to start growing on the Yarrow Organic Farm. The only thing missing is a well and pump, which will supply necessary irrigation water during the dry summer months.

With a well dug by the Pepsi Refresh Project, we will soon have wonderful, fresh crops being produced at the Farm, and delivered to markets in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver.

Community Benefit

The community benefits of this project are three-fold: 1. Farmers are able to make a living doing what they love. What, digging in the dirt all day doesn't sound like fun to you??? 2. People in the Lower Mainland have access to delicious, fresh produce such as heritage apples, tender shelling peas, colourful salad mix, and juicy melons. 3. The birds and the bees can continue to sing and buzz, since the Yarrow Organic Farm will provide pesticide-free, natural habitat for many creatures.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Lucky for us, our water table is not too high, so the well might cost less than $20,000 (it is impossible to know before-hand). If that is the case, some irrigation pipes will be purchased and installed with the rest of the funds.
$ 20,000 Installing a well.
$ 5,000 Installing a pump for said well.

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