to start an employment project for youth by helping seniorsLaura Chappell


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  • To eliminate the barrier that exists between seniors and youth
  • To provide skill building and leadership opportunities to youth
  • To promote independent living for 55+ adults.


Currently there is a barriers that prevents youth from interacting with the 55+ community. This barrier exists because stigmatization of each age group. The project will offer adults 55+ a free ‘odd job’ service performed by the youth. Youth involved in the program gain employment skills, such as time management, teamwork, and practical skills while ultimately building their resume. They will learn in a supervised, non-traditional work environment, preparing them for future career endeavors. Overall, the objective of this program is to provide the opportunity for both age groups to interact and begin to eliminate the stereotypes and preconceived judgments that have prevented interaction in the past.

Community Benefit

The social barrier that exists between youth and seniors will be removed and the stigmatizations will be lessened. Relationships between these two age groups will grow and making a more friendly community.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover the supervision or organizational costs of the program as they are covered by the Municipality of North Cowichan Youth Outreach Program. Youth will be supervised by the Programmer during each job.
$ 1,000 Tools and Equipment
$ 250 Promotional Materials
$ 3,750 Youth Employment Wages

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