create a Pay It Forward Youth Program within the school.Mike Labao


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  • To Create a Pay It Forward Project within my school.


The Pay It Forward Project combines the youth in my school with our community. It is based on Oprah's successful Pay It Forward Project. We currently have numerous homeless & needy people in our city. After filling out an application and undergoing an interview, each recepient of $500.00 will develop a plan to assist another human being in a specific plan they develop. They will decide how to raise extra money for their project & once they have their plan they will carry it out. They will take pictures (release form developed) and will write a detailed essay about what they did and why. They will describe the emotions they felt, how the project affected them & how it has changed their life. They will submit these stories to me & I will create a book to sell. I will put this into a website where people can down load it. I will charge $10.00 a copy and sell 1000 copies which will make $10,000.00 that can start a new Pay It Forward Project. The cycle will begin again.

Community Benefit

1. The youth will learn about other less fortunate youth/needy within our community. It will be a life changing event that they will carry into adulthood. 2. The recipients will receive much needed benefits. 3. The community will bond together and join the pay it forward movement. 4. The number of needy will be reduced.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Creating and publishing the book
$ 10,000 $500.00 to each recepient of my Project

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