Create awareness about youth Mental Health and Suicide. Tell someone!Youth Talk Regional Council


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  • To create awareness about mental health and youth suicide
  • To use the youth engagement method to work teams and creat projects
  • To assist Youth Talk teams accross our region
  • To reduce stigma about youth suicide and mental health issues

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Our mandate at Youth Talk is to support the creation of youth-led projects that inform peers about the myths and realities of suicide, educate youth about mental health and provide useful information about local resources.

Simply said, we work with teams who are interested in suicide prevention and mental health to work on peer-led projects. We work with peers to create projects that they feel will generate awareness in their community.  We do this through the process of youth engagement. 

We propose to continue our youth engagement work over the next year. Our plan is to help recruit and support new teams and plan awareness projects that cross both regions. We have worked on some amazing projects over the past few years and plan to take on quite a few more. 

Some projects include:
-T-Shirt experiment
-Poster & Button campaign
-Mental Health awareness video
-One day youth conference
-Youth Talk anthology
-Video survey & documentry

How will the $25K be used?

$ 6,000 Peer-led projects
$ 5,000 Regional Council large event or activity
$ 2,000 Administrative costs
$ 5,000 Technological equipment (video camera, laptop, screen)
$ 3,000 Transportation and mileage (to/from presentations)
$ 2,000 Meeting incentives (food, materials, water, venue)
$ 2,000 Promotional materials & printing costs

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