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  • To agglomerate youth empowerment, philanthropy and arts together
  • To raise a minimum of $10,000 in donation to worthy cause.
  • To train 80 volunteers in project management and execution.
  • To provide opportunities for social awareness via artistic talents.

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Paint-A-Thon is a pledge-to-paint event that aims to agglomerate youth empowerment, community participation and arts into one project. For one day, the community will join together and paint for a notable cause. Rolling out 54 murals, the project will incorporate a beneficiary selection, a pledging system and on-site entertainment. The completed murals will be prominently displayed to further promote their success and to encourage participants for future endeavours.

The objective of this project is to inspire youths to take ownership with a project that can make a visible impact to the community while fundraising and creating awareness for a philanthropic cause.


- 54 murals, 54 teams of participants.

- Outdoor event with stage, entertainment, painting area

- Display Gallery & Press Awareness

- Maximize pledge from individuals and corporate donors

*A trial phase, 'Night Wall' is in creation and will debut in July at night market.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: ** no staff cost, all organizing and on-site efforts are at no cost. ** completed Murals will be transported to a prominent outdoor event (such as PUYO's night market) for display. Delivery cost has not been costed ** Venue sponsor is not costed
$ 8,000 54 Murals and paint supplies for 54 groups
$ 5,000 Venue Setup; Tents, Chairs, Tables, Garbage, etc
$ 5,000 Stage & Entertainment
$ 500 Promotional Materials
$ 1,000 Volunteer Cost (80 t-shirts & appreciation/awards party)
$ 1,000 Food/Drinks & Equipment for: 80 volunteers + 216 participants + public
$ 500 Contractors (hired to help with building walls)
$ 4,000 Pepsi's donation to Beneficiary.

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