6th National Youth Panel Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO)


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  • Celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of youth from across Canada
  • Inspire other youth that anything is possible with determination



CANDO wanted to take a different approach and showcase the youth who are out in their communities, succeeding and working hard the betterment of their people.The first National Youth Panel (N.Y.P) was centered on Aboriginal youth and their success in entrepreneurship.The success and popularity of the N.Y.P ensured it will remain one of the highlights of the CANDO conference plenaries.  Each year six youth panelists are selected to sit on the panel through a nomination process.The N.Y.P was established to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of Aboriginal youth from across the country.Through the panellists’ presentations, they are able to express the pass along their passion, vision, dedication, leadership, and inspiration.The N.Y.P will be honored for their community involvement and entrepreneurial leadership. Aboriginal youth are out there making their visions a reality, working tirelessly and making sure that their communities become vibrant and self-sustaining

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: -Remaining Accomidation Expences for all 6 youth $1752 -Promotion in SAY Magazine to have a story of the National Youth Panel $2000 -Conference Registration for all 6 youth $4760 -Profiling of Youth Participants on CANDO website $350 The following is going to be an in-kind contribution from CANDO
$ 4,250 Travel Expences for 6 youth to attend the National Youth Panel Finalis
$ 750 Accomidations for all 6 youth to attend the National Youth Panel

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