combine Biology & PhysEd promoting stewardship @ Bethlehem High SchoolGarett Olver


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  • To build a fleet of canoes, cross country skis, and other equipment.

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The class allows for a wide range of abilities, both academically and athletically.  My goal is to make a connection between the biology curriculum and outdoor activities which can be carried on throughout the student's life beyond high schoo.  Some activities include hiking and snowshoeing, while lareing the tracks of different animals, winter survival skills, cross country skiing, swimming, kayaking, fly fishing and fly tying, biking and canoeing while seeing different parts of our environment.  I incorporate indigenous learning through out the activities but one direct relationship is our hike at Waneskewin.  In addition, the students had the opportunity to obtain their Canadian level 1 paddling certificate which includes and overnight canoe trip. 
Ultimately, I am trying to get the students involved in experiencing the outdoors and become stewards of the environmet, carrying on their knowledge and newly gained interest in the outdoors. 

Community Benefit

Students will be active in the community creating a knowledge of stewardship. This can lead to more young people understanding the importance of our ecosystem in our community as well as around the province and country. The more that students realize what the outdoors has to offer in terms of adventure, they greater the chances that they will be advocates to preserve it and keep these same oppurtunities for generations to come. Some examples include biking to and around our river valley, cross country skiing in urban/rural areas near our school, snowshoeing at traditional first nation sites, overnight canoeing our rivers, and studying and possibly using the white-water wier project in the future. Many rural areas near our school are "dump" sites that these students would otherwise not see. It has led to discussions with officials about this pollution and go beyond the class to make a direct difference in the community. Check out the youtube link for our attempt to lessen paper use

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: This will allow for a set of 12 canoes, pfds, paddles, throw bags, and trailers. I may have to adjust my budget depending on the award. 12 canoes at 1500 = $1800 2 trailers at 3000 = $6000 24 pfds at 40 = $960 24 paddles at 30 = $720 12 throw bags at 30 = $360
$ 25,000 Equipment

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