Expand our programs working with young people in prisons in Canada.YOUCAN - Youth Canada Association


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  • To expand our YOUCAN™ training to more prisons, helping more youth.
  • To promote in prisons, the peaceful resolution of conflicts
  • To measure change of training participants attitudes and behaviours


Prison is one place that we at YOUCAN feel young people should be given a chance to better themselves before returning back to their community.

An inmate can come to the YOUCAN™ “inside the walls” project with little to no skills in healthy conflict resolution. With the support of program facilitators, participants receive formal instruction through a series of trainings in peacebuilding concepts, to empower them to bring forward their “Best Self”.

While in prison it is important that we as Canadians recognize the need to continue to support our youth who are behind bars. This project helps inmates to take a closer look at their responsibility to the crimes they have committed, while understanding their greater role as valuable Canadian citizens.

YOUCAN is committed to success with our results. Our project is focussed on helping inmates develop the skills they need to resolve conflict and demonstrate changed attitudes and behaviours towards violence. 

Community Benefit

Communities want safety in their homes and neighbourhoods. Many feel conflict when young inmates leave prison and re-enter those homes and neighbourhoods. YOUCAN's project will demonstrate that inmates with new tools to better manage conflict in communities will not only help communities feel safer, but be safer. When inmates are given the skills to recognize conflict and better deal with it when it does occur, it helps them form healthier relationships. This is a win-win for anyone in the former inmates house, neighbourhood and community.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: - no money goes to the prison - no money goes to the prisoners - all funds raised goes to working directly with the young inmates.
$ 65,000 Facilitators
$ 25,000 Evaluation
$ 10,000 Volunteers

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