Real-Time Teens - Teen-Run Web Counseling Hotline Service for Parents LigneParents


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  • Improving relations between parents and teens through the Parent Help Line
  • Getting teens to help parents understand their own teens
  • Getting teens and parents to search for solutions together
  • Changing the dynamics between parents and teens

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The Parent Help Line (LigneParents) is a free, confidential, bilingual, 24/7 counseling service for parents of children aged 0 to 20 that has been operating in Quebec for close to 30 years with professional counselors and Claude Meunier as spokesperson.

Because parenting is much more than child’s play.

In its aim to continue and improve the Parent Help Line services provided to parents seeking help or solutions, our project will draw heavily on teenager input. Two generations will thus be working towards a same purpose: mutual assistance.

Taking advantage of the pending website redesign, we plan to create a new segment called Real-Time Teens – What’s the problem? – a hotline service for parents with questions about their teens.

Parents send their question anonymously by email to the teenagers as a group. Each teen then chooses the questions to which he/she would like to respond by webcam.

In this scenario, teens are the experts – contrary to the traditional format with the adult counseling the teenager.

Claude Meunier, who has been our spokesperson from the start, also endorses this project.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget does not include any promotional efforts or additional human resources required to ensure service quality.
$ 7,000 Project planning/management
$ 5,500 Scripting
$ 4,500 Art direction/design
$ 8,000 Programming, integration, tests

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