Promote healthy living in School-Aged Children (5-10 years)Regroupement en toxicomanie Prisme


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  • Enlist the majority of elementary schools in the project
  • Provide one workshop per group in each of the participating schools
  • Collecting min. of 25,000$ in donations

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Project summary:  The GymSAT project combines the promotion of healthy living habits and physical activity to fight against all forms of obesity.  Our aim is to strengthen the capacity of kids to make the best health-based decision at the earliest age possible, reinforce their autonomy and empower them through their living environments. Families have to “self-mobilize”, take action and deal with the issue.

We are looking to provide a better education to children and their families regarding health and the protection factors through a continuum of services from elementary school to the 6th grade. We work on raising the awareness of parents and encouraging them to make healthy choices!


Elementary schools: 50% + will participate.

We have reached approx. 4000 kids

25,000$ in donations

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 Hire a worker

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