JR Ambassador Program 4 kidz creating charity events/shows in schoolkerry brough "Danceforit & Kidzforit"


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  • create a program for young talented kidz to create charity events/show


To create and inspire young talented kidz to create new ideas & projects within their school for charity. Whether it is singing, dancing, acting, art, design, media, stage, production. They are to use their talents & leadership qualities to become a spokesperson/ambassador for arts& entertainment in schools/community by creating events, shows, fundraising projects throughout the year. It will be a chance for kidz to continually express their artistry collectively with the school and community to put on an incredible show or mini events for charity, while raising awareness for the cause. Those involved with "Danceforit" annual charity gala will help guide them throughout the year, helping in every way possible including special guest performers we include in Danceforit. Celebritiy performers could appear and perform to help in the event at their school. Possibilities for these creative, very inspiring kidz is endless!!!!!!!!!!

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Any help from myself or friends that donate their time for our annual Danceforit benefit/gala that involves the kidz we hope will continue their creativity and charity work in schools. I personally promise to do whatever I can for these kidz.period. They inspire me!!!!!!!!!
$ 5,000 promotion, supplies&equipment for the kidz

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