Provide food and compassion to Downtown Vancouver's homeless.Jou-Wei Chou


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  • To provide food and companionship with Downtown Vancouver's homeless


UBC Agapé Street Missions is a non-denominational, non-profit, outreach-oriented student club of the University of British Columbia. We function as a low-barrier, informal service where we use food distribution as a positive contact point to start the communication between student volunteers and Downtown Vancouver West-End's underprivileged and homeless population. Despite their demanding course studies, student volunteers spend three hours a night, three nights a week, to connect with those street entrenched.

With $5,000, UBC Agapé Street Missions would be able to purchase a year's worth of food items (such as hot soup, pastries, vitamins, juice, and granola bars) to give to the homeless we see. This builds trust and a willingness to open up and talk with us, something that is often hard for them to do given their situation. We acknowledge their frustrations and personal victories, and encourage them when the opportunities arise to promote mental and social wellness.

Community Benefit

Not only will the food benefit a physiological need, having built lasting relationships between student volunteers and the homeless through one on one communication on a regular basis, we are able to encourage and promote mental and social wellness when the opportunities arise. Student volunteers also benefit in that they are better informed of the current homelessness situation in Vancouver, and the complexity of the situation. A sense of appreciation toward the situation is often built, and causes students to constantly evaluate and refine their own personal ideas of what effective helping is.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: UBC Agape Street Missions is 100% non-profit and operates through student volunteers. No money goes out to any individual, and none will be used towards promotions or social events. All grant money will be used for food and socks as outlined.
$ 4,850 Purchasing food to distribute to the homeless we approach and talk to
$ 150 To buy clean, dry socks which are often asked for due to wet weather

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