Construct a large network of service-points for carpooling.Ecoliaison


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  • Reduce automobile dependency
  • Decrease atmospheric pollution
  • Stimulate the economy
  • Safety concept based on the paying customer

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The carpooling market is not like any other market: the well-being of carpoolers increases as their numbers grow. It is this characteristic that Écoliaison relies upon to offer a global alternative to meet the social need.

Thus, the Écoliaison market strategy will combine all of the essential factors of carpooling:

  • Écoliaison will simultaneously offer two types of carpooling: between home and work, and long distances.
  • Écoliaison will establish a network of retailers, for private individuals, giving them free licences and then compensating them for their services.
  • Écoliaison will offer a service dedicated to large companies, at a reduced rate.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The web application costs $170,000. I have already invested $20,000 for the architectural analysis and cognitive ergonomics. The programming is divided into 4 blocks (Release candidate). As soon as the first one is completed (in about 3 months), the company will start to generate income.
$ 100,000 Designing a web application

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