Create a music label for the Musicians and Artists of Eastern Canada.AnaLOGICal Records


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  • To create a one stop shop for Amazing Local Talent
  • To educate youth about the values of music
  • To help artists achieve their dreams and goals.


Our plan is to establish ourselves deep within the community.  To help talented artists get the attention they deserve, all while creating and producing the music we love.

We now have an incredibly talented group of people dedicated to this project including:

Graphic Designers, Photographers, Promoters, a Mastering Engineer, and many other consultants that will help us on a project by project basis.  We want to have as many people involved as possible because to succeed in the music industry you need to have passion and knowledge, naturally at AnaLOGICal Records we decided to surround ourselves with the best of the best.

In the first year we will work for our artists in a few areas:


LP Printing/Design.




We want our artists to make music, and let us take care of the rest.

As well, we will be offering services ona  project by project basis.  If an artist needs a demo created, consider it done.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Everything here is partial funding. We have some funding available including money from our own pockets to fund the other pieces. Legalities (Contract Law), Studio Setups, Salaries, and all other components not mentioned will be covered by us.
$ 4,000 Album LP and Demo Processing Tools (Float Budget)
$ 3,000 Studio Space
$ 3,000 Promotional Tools (Main Website, Artist Websites, Physical Promotions)
$ 2,000 2 Computers (Mastering Production) (Graphic Design)
$ 2,000 Sound Equipment (Monitors/Amps)
$ 2,000 Analog Mastering Equipment (Compression/EQ)
$ 1,500 Mixing Board (Mastering, Recording, Effects)
$ 1,500 Headphones, Mics, Cabling
$ 1,200 Soundproofing Materials and Isolation Booth.
$ 1,000 Office/Studio Furniture
$ 800 Software (Pro Tools / Ableton)
$ 3,000 Studio Space

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