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  • Promotion of Art, of diving and of the environment.

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AQUART is exploring other interesting possibilities of underwater exhibition areas in Canada and it will present a simplified and scaled-down version with 150 to 200 works in pools and natural environments throughout Canada. This will allow Canadians to learn more about the biodiversity of the sea bottom and of Canadian lakes, the sport of diving, and thus make Canadians aware of the importance of water in our lives while appreciating marine music and the songs of whales.

1- Canadian tour on underwater art exhibits and sub aquatic activities.
2- 150 to 200 works of art and music accompanied by whale songs.
3- Promote Canadian art, diving in Canada, and our environment.

Community Benefit

AQUART brings new breath to the world of art, the environment and underwater sports, in an unusual way, by placing a mix of cultural and sports passions in a natural showcase of rocky cliffs or under the limpid mirror of a pool. Visitors are also invited to participate in collective creative projects in the waters of their regions, with the Aquartists. Aquart attracts visitors from everywhere in the world, which brings a unique element to the field of regional recreation-tourism.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Go to for more details or for submissions. Louis B Daignault [email protected]
$ 25,000 A realistic estimate takes into account that a portion of funds will go to logistics
$ 25,000 The purchase of technical equipment, sound equipment and lighting
$ 50,000 This amount is to make known the artists by exhibiting their work underwater

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