Launch program to bring visual arts experiences to elementary studentsLeanne Amyotte


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  • Launch program allowing students to explore visual art in their class.
  • Instruct exciting curriculum based visual art lessons to grades 4-8.
  • Allow these students a chance to explore new mediums and techniques.
  • Inspire and enable these students to explore new Visual Art forms.
  • Showcase their creative efforts in an Art Exhibit at Program end.


The "Artist in My Class" program will inspire Students from grades 4-8 in my community. It is usually not until grade 9 that our students are offered an "Art Class" with an "Art Teacher". This is unfortunate because these are skills a younger child has the interest and capabilities of learning and practicing now. My program will offer elementary school students a chance to explore new methods and techniques while learning a curriculum based visual art lesson. For example: I may teach the students how to make objects appear 3 dimensional with the use of shadows and highlights. Then the students will create an acrylic painting on canvas to explore and show what they have learned. Before the end of the school year I will plan an Art Exhibit showcasing some of the finer examples produced by the students. My goal is to create enough interest in this program to allow it to continue and expand into other communities reaching thousands of students every year.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: This does not cover my time and effort. Project may involve the purchase of insurance or bonding, The budget will also not cover the cost of any supplies that children will keep. Professional sevices needed such as web designer or graphic design for printed material. Refreshments for Exhibit.
$ 1,500 Lap top computer and software to teach lessons
$ 3,000 Art supplies
$ 2,000 Travel expenses ($50 x 40 visits)
$ 2,000 Printing cost for promotional flyers & worksheets.
$ 1,000 Art Exhibit expenses. framing of artwork, rent of venue.
$ 500 consulting; technical, legal or financial

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