Replace broken and aging beds at Georgian Bay General HospitalGeorgian Bay General Hospital Foundation


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  • To replace 20 aging and broken beds.
  • To heighten awareness in the community about Hospital needs



Our "Replace Aging and Broken Beds" project combines community awareness and the acquisition of much needed equipment for Georgian Bay General Hospital.  Beds are something which all of our communities year round and seasonal residents, along with our visitors can relate to. 

This project's first round unified our diverse communities support of GBGHF regardless of their geographical location, their gender, or even their age, the people spoke to the need for beds albeit via their mouse! 

And so we are asking everyone to jump back on the 'bedwagon' and helps us put this fund-raising project to bed!

Remember.....many begin and end their lifes iin a Hospital bed...please help us provide such basic and important pieces of equipment to GBGH.


We will continue to receive community wide support of our media, our social media networks and our marketing colleterial such as posters, mailing inserts, newsletter articles. 

Community Benefit

Our Communities have always had a strong desire to retain Our Hospital in Our Home. They work hard to raise the necessary funds to provide technology and equipment for usage by our Doctor's and Nurses and all the team at GBGH. By working alongside their 100 years of efforts through the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, we can reinvigorate and support their efforts. And by ensuring that proper equipment is on site to adequately care for our patients, we can help the Hospital fulfill their mandate of Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time. An engaged Community, a properly equipped Hospital and comfortable patients....this is indeed a win-win-win for our communities.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 100,000 20 beds

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