Building a warehouse to recycle cartridges for the benefit of MIRAFondation MIRA


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  • Recycle 100% of used printer cartridges


The construction of this warehouse will allow MIRA to sort more laser printer and inkjet cartridges, as well as old cell phones sold subsequently to companies that recycle them.

With a well thought out warehouse, built according to our actual needs, MIRA will be able to increase its participation in the protection of the environment and to continue to work and respond to the huge existing needs.

Community Benefit

A cartridge is made out of PVC and plastic that emit dangerous substances.Inks and solvants have a harmful effect on health and on the environment. Heavy metals added to inks pollute the waters and grounds. A lazer printer cartridge needs 3,4 liters of petrol for its production. There are more than a million cartridges sold every year. With our program, we believe that we are able to recycle them.Today seven people work on recycling the cartridges and we have one blind person and one deaf and mute person on the team. By increasing our storage capabilities, we will increase the number of dogs and the number of jobs.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 100,000 construction of the warehouse

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