Give a Voice to Canadian Victims of Human Trafficking World Hope Canada


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  • Create awareness of the reality of trafficking of Canadians in Canada
  • To reach over 5000 Canadians in 50 communities (100 per event)
  • To plan and implement 5 large fundraising events (concert, dinner,etc)
  • Develop a reusable multimedia kit to facilitate awareness & funding
  • Raise $50,000 for victims of human trafficking in Canada


Project Summary:

The "Give a Voice to Canadian Victims of Human Trafficking" project combines public awareness and grassroots community engagement with the goals of both preventing the trafficking of Canadians and assisting those who have already been affected to successfully re-establish themselves in Canadian society

Anti-human trafficking is becoming a priority in Canada yet very few people, especially young people, know about the issue. Through a multimedia, grassroots approach, taking informative and engaging presentations into high schools and communities with Canadian presenters, artists and musicians, as well as creating a website, Canadians will be inspired to help real Canadian human trafficking victims in need. Along with presentations, five fundraising events will be held throughout the year. All funds raised will go to support a local Ottawa NGO Coalition that is developing a victim assistance protocol and resource manual.





Community Benefit

Education is one of the best and least expensive ways to prevent human trafficking! One of the largest benefits to this project is ensuring that Canadians from BC to NFLD and ON to Nunavut, know how to avoid being affected themselves. In addition it will educate Canadians to identify potential victims and help end modern day slavery in Canada. Developing a robust, interactive website and multimedia toolkit for use after completion of the project will also ensure that World Hope Canada and other organizations and communities can continue to engage in public awareness, especially in the communities that will not be reached during the project year. By equipping communities with the materials and information to hold their own education and fundraising events, they will be able to support victim-oriented organizations in their own neighbourhood. Furthermore, the $50,000 raised will have a direct impact on Canadian victims identified in Ottawa and assist them in their recovery process.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 35,000 Project Coordinator (Full Time), Production Assistant (Part Time)
$ 20,000 Travel (Bus, Rental Cars, Hotel)
$ 15,000 Website Development
$ 10,000 Promotional Materials (Posters, Newspaper/Radio Ads, Banners)
$ 15,000 Presentation Needs (Sound equipment, Projector, Rental fees)
$ 5,000 Production of multi-media toolkits

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