Grayson Saskatchewan needs to rebuild their curling rink.Grayson Curling Club


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  • Build a 3 sheet curling rink and a fully functional kitchen and lobby


In 2009 Grayson Curlink Rink could no longer be used due to structural damage.  A community meeting was held and it was a unanimous decision that Grayson needed to replace the curling rink.

A committee of 6 members was formed called "Grayson Grows". This committee represents a community of 500 people dedicated to the maintenance and growth of small town Saskatchewan.  Our immediate attention is being put towards building a Curling Rink.

The Curling Rink serves many functions within our community.  It provides physical activity to all age groups, social network for people to gather and visit, as well as an entertainment facility.  We would also like to tender the kitchen out for a year long employment opportunity.

Due to the success of our existing Curling Club, as well as fund raising efforts through the years and community contributions, $200,000 is available for immediate access.  These funds are what makes building the curling rink a very tangible goal.

Community Benefit

Grayson & surrounding area is a very strong and vibrant community that consists of about 500 people. For years we have worked very hard to keep our community a desireable place that would attract people to move to our community and have been successful at that. By rebuilding our curling rink, this will help ensure that our community has a safe place to gather for social events. By having a 3 sheet rink this puts us in a higher contention for holding playdowns and larger curling events, which in turn will bring more activity to our wonderful town. Also, being a strong representative with In Motion, Grayson and Grayson School is missing the physical aspect that this rink has brought to our community.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Estimated cost of rink is 500,000. Through our fundraising efforts and community contributions, we estimate we will have 380,000 by the end of 2012. This leaves 120,000 outstanding to complete the project. To avoid missing another curling season, we would like to start building this spring.
$ 5,000 Structural Engineer
$ 95,000 Building and contracting expenses

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