do hotdog/movie nights for low social economical kids aged 5 to 12 Robert Katyrynuik


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  • To show people respectful relationships


We intend to use this monies to help provide for food, crafts, small gifts to give to young children while using movies and complete established families to demonstrate via actions on how people should treate aand respect each other. To try and foster the belief that all individuals have self worth and that no one person is better then any other person no matter what their station is in life. That any person can become the leader of this land. That to be ingaged in vibrant caring community is the way to grow. That we as individuals need to surround ourselves with people that will offer constructive engouragement to try and postive criticism when we fail. So that each person can become the best person that they can.

We intend to use crafts to try and show them that they have the ability to make things. The movies to teach them about self evauation, worth and caring communties. The families to show them that individuals can be respectfull to each other as well as to other people.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 5,000 Food, crafts, movies

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