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  • Raise awareness of better ideas to plan and run Canadian cities
  • Provide stories about better ideas to help others talk about them


Eighty percent of Canadians live in cities. These days, Canadian cities are facing a lot of challenges. The problems can seem like too much to solve.

But the thing about cities is: we design them. Everything you see around you in a city was somebody’s decision. And, if we made things the way they are, we can make them better. All we need are better ideas.

Other people around the world have found solutions to some of these challenges. What we need are stories about success from those places that we can bring home and tell here. Postcards can help us tell those stories. In a thousand words, the picture on a postcard tells a story about that city – what they are proud of, what is beautiful there, how they have been successful.

What I propose is a comparison between cities as a reference for people who want to tell stories about better ideas. Using postcards, I will publish a website covering six cities, as well as a resource book comparing two of those cities in greater depth.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: 200+ Hours of Labour Travel Expenses Website Hosting
$ 2,250 Computer equipment and design software
$ 1,500 Tax
$ 1,000 Book Printing
$ 250 Postcard Purchases
$ 0 200+ Hours Labour
$ 0 Travel & Research Expenses
$ 0 Website Hosting

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