Establish a school for Artist Blacksmith's in Cape Breton, Nova ScotiaWilliam Haverstock


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  • To equip and operate a blacksmithing school.


We are currently seeking a suitable location on Cape Breton Island to establish the school.

Through ABANA and other blacksmiths world wide we have determined that a school in this geographical location would indeed succeed.

Promote the heritage craft of blacksmithing and stimulate creative ironwork.

I have teachers agreed to teach the various courses that we have designed from "introductory" to intermediate to advanced.

These teachers have world wide known resume's in their field. 

I have arrangements with galleries to provide exhibit space here on the island as well as mainland Nova Scotia. 

With the number of people that contact me through the website that ask about workshops and courses I am positive this venture would be an asset to the cultural fabric of Cape Breton and Canada as a whole. 

Community Benefit

It will add an economic stimulus to the community that the school resides as well as a cultural and artistic benefit. It is the hope that we create lasting art and further the education of new smiths and promote the Island through website activities.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: We have some equipment already purchased. ie: computer equipment, some forging tools and educational aides.
$ 25,000 Equipment
$ 47,000 Building
$ 28,000 renovations

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