To found the first School of Life for young people ages 16 to 25. Célina Dufresne


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  • Social rehabilitation of several young people
  • Monthly fund raising dinners to collect a minimum of $25000
  • Publication of a biography (fund raising)
  • Regular activities for the youth in the neighborhood (Halloween, Christmas, etc)

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Based on the same approach as foster families, we will be greet and take care of these young people. There will be self-awareness and life challenges workshops (finance, education, work, family, dependencies...) - A chef to prepare with the young participants the monthly fund raising dinners ... Several careers will be explored during their stay. This will allow them to discover new interests and develop new skills.  My staff will have a lot to teach to these young ones professionnally and about life and its experiences. At the end of the schoolyear, they will have improved their self-knowledge and determined their future orientations.

Community Benefit

As you know, young people are the future and we have to make sure that they develop in the best way possible. The School of life will be an attractive place for young people. Different activities will take place every month and the door will always be open to whoever needs it. In fact, the school will become a place where kids can get a sense of belonging. Too often, our young people are on the streets, they use drugs, they steal, vandalize and drop out of school,teenage girls get pregnant, they don't have a job and they have to survive on social welfare, etc... The benefits to the community are numerous: our youth is safe, there's less crime, fewer homeless youngsters, many who go back to school, back on the job market and generally speaking, young people will learn autonomy.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Monthly fund raising dinner, the book as well as previously organized activities will contribute to the financial survival of the school.
$ 35,000 Initial investment for the building
$ 10,000 Trainings
$ 15,000 Laying out of premises
$ 12,000 Food for first year
$ 3,000 Redacting and publishing my biography (fund raising)
$ 25,000 Accounts of the initial months (employees, bills)

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