help fund and fix up Camp Misquah, a camp for people with disabilitiesCamp Misquah


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  • Site Maintenance (fixing up cabins, windows, lights etc...)
  • New Washer and Dryer for Camp Laundry
  • Camp Activity Supplies (e.g Crafts, sports equipment, games etc...)
  • Camper Shirts
  • Regular Camp Expenses

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Through its Camp Program, Misquah is dedicated to providing the camp experience to both adults and children with disabilities. The camp offers superb residential facilities and a highly structured program for children and adults of all levels of ability.

Through this funding Misquah would be able to better the experience for all of its campers. Fixing up cabins, windows, lights, purchasing a new washer and dryer for camp laundry, purchasing a new sound system for the dining hall, as well as new games, sports equipment and canoes.

At Misquah we believe that each campers potential is endless, and that should not be limited by a lack of funding or programs. Through extra funding Misquah could help to provide the camp experience to others who may not be able to otherwise afford it.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 5,000 New Games, Activities and Sports equipement
$ 8,000 Site Maintenance and Repair (Cabins, tables, windows etc...)
$ 5,000 Miscellaneous
$ 2,000 New Washer+Dryer for Camp Laundry
$ 3,000 Regular Camp Expenses, Camper Bursaries etc...
$ 2,000 Advertising and Camper recruitment

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