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  • To strengthen a socially-responsible business & organization community
  • To encourage sustainable behaviour and practices driven by consumers
  • To allow citizens to advance & support a socially-responsible society


Project Summary:
The Conscious Consumer website will offer those who want to make their purchases a little more socially responsible with these features:

A business directory that describes what a business is doing related to their corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices.

Consumer ratings and reviews allow users to provide feedback on what they think of a business' workplace, environmental and community activities. Reviews will help the rest of us make better decisions.

An inclusive community
 of users and businesses will promote good activities businesses are engaged in, while activities that consumers find less desirable will be constructive opportunities for improvement. Trained volunteers will coach businesses and it's free for businesses to be involved.


  • Minimum of 100 businesses listed and 300 registered users
  • Minimum 2 community events to promote the site
  • Replicable model for other cities

How will the $25K be used?

$ 15,000 website development
$ 5,000 marketing & events
$ 2,500 business recruitment
$ 2,500 volunteer training & misc. cost

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