Creation of an eco-cabin - Rural training houseCONTACT - Laboratoire de développement durable


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  • Avoid the devitalization of the Saint-Elzéar village
  • Build a model ecological house
  • Open a window to ecological construction
  • Make a rural training house
  • Create jobs



To combat devitalization, Saint-Elzéar is partnering with CONTACT to build a model ecological house for educational and social development, built in a such way that the environmental impact of the project is minimized, but comfort and affordability are maximized. We will also build a rural training house that will give youths the opportunity to learn various specializations in a rural setting (ecobuilding, organic agriculture) as they enjoy good living conditions, training and support. With this project, local businesses will have access to a qualified labour force and will be better prepared to take the turn towards more sustainable economic development. Deliverables: The rural training house; 2 permanent jobs and many part-time jobs.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: This project, totalling $295,000, will benefit from the support of various local partners and experts (from Québec). The balance ($195,000) will be covered by CONTACT, Saint-Elzéar and other local partners.
$ 25,000 Wages
$ 50,000 Construction
$ 25,000 Communication plan

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