Provide mobile drop-in centres to street youth in three communities.PoCoMo Youth Services Society


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  • To create a supportive and consistent presence with at-risk youth
  • To improve the safety and quality of life of "at-risk" youth
  • To promote a healthy and respectful image of youth.
  • To create opportunities for youth to be involved in community.
  • To reduce vandalism, violence, gang involvement, and drug abuse

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Project Reach Out is the first multi-service mobile drop-in centre and outreach program in Canada. With the use of modified shuttle buses and staffed by a team of adult youth workers, peer mentors and volunteers, the buses will travel after-hours to areas of the community where youth naturally congregate – parks, convenience stores, skate board parks, schools, "Hot Spots" etc., and actively seeks out and engages street involved youth. The two buses will meet youth where they are and provide support and services to street involed youth in the Tri-Cities area (Coquitlam, Port Couitlam, and Port Moody), an estimated 20,000 youth ages 12-18.

* 2 buses making over 4000 contacts per year 

* 75% will will receive outreach services

* 30% will reduce drug misuse

* 40% will avoid crime & vandalism

* 70% will feel safer

* 40% will receive one-to-one support

* 60% will recieve health promotion materials


How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget does not cover administration, promotions, staff training, Executive Director & Team Leader costs, and extension programs. The $50,000 request will cover 1/3 of total costs.
$ 40,000 6 PT outreach staff
$ 10,000 program supplies & bus maitenance

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