improve the layout of the daycare to enhance play and comfort of kids.Elm Creek Stay & Play, Discover & Learn


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  • improve floor plan to enhance available space


We are a small centre that started through the generosity of our community.We started with second hand furniture & toys.Now we want to improve our floor space so children have more room to move around by installing: *individual lockers to store outdoor wear, boots, backpacks & special toys without fear of something getting lost *shelving for storage of playpens, sleeping mats, & toys at eye level so children can see what toys are available *dividers, complete with plexiglass windows to allow light through, around infant area to provide a safe and separate place for infants to explore *reading area with child-size couches for quiet area when needed *art area with craft materials available for children to explore different art mediums *hand sanitization area with sensor taps, soap and towel dispenser to enhance proper hygiene practices Our floor space is limited so all furniture must be multi-purpose and moveable to provide different options for placement.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 8,500 shelving, storage units, couches
$ 1,000 sensor taps, soap and towel dispenser, garbage can
$ 500 resource materials, art and science supplies, books

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