make animation accessible to underprivileged 4th graders at my school.Emilie Robichon


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  • To teach my class how to make a short stop-motion film
  • To have my students write and produce a stop-motion film
  • To have my students build the sets, props and characters for the film
  • To help my students devlop collaborative skills through the project
  • To screen the stop-motion film for the parents and entire school

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My project combines stop motion animation with the resourcefulness of under privelaged 4th graders.  The process will inspire creativity, promote teamwork and empower the students to produce a film together.  

The project will begin with an interactive exlporation of stop-motion-animation. A animation expert, film composer, film editor, and sound editor will all come to class to talk about their craft. Shortly after, the students will develop their own story ideas to pitch to the class. The class will select one idea and write the script together. Once the story is completed the kids will work with the animation expert to create the sets and characters. 

After production items are created we will shot the animtion in class and record the audio with a sound recordist. The video editing will be completed in class with the help of an expert. The final film will be screened for parents and the entire school community and each student will recieve their own DVD copy.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: My time and energy. : )
$ 600 Set Supplies and Materials
$ 600 Audio and Video Equipment Rental
$ 1,000 Stop-Motion Expert
$ 1,000 Sound Editor / Mixer
$ 1,000 Video Editing Technician
$ 700 Music Score / Musicians
$ 100 DVD Copies

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