Open family mental health centre that provides support and treament Sean Campbell


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  • Open a family based mental health support and treamtment facility


Open a family based mental health support and treatment/counselling facility that would provide affordable and accessible services to families in need. Services would focus on faimly interactions and dynamaics, parental mental illness as a contributing factor to parenting capacity, child well being and mental health generally and treating the family as whole rather than isoalting one member of the family unit. At present Kamloops has various counsellors and organizations that provide different aspects of treatment and counselling, but none provides treatment to the family unit as a means of addressing the indiviudal as well as collective needs of the unit as whole. The goal would be to fill the gap that seems to exists within this field within the community of Kamloops and surrounding areas.

Community Benefit

Provide affordable and accessible community based family mental health and counselling services to those in need.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Employee wages
$ 20,000 Advertising and supplies
$ 10,000 Licensing and insurance
$ 70,000 Initial start up costs for procurring and setting up office space

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