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  • "Knock Your Socks OFF!" promotional campaign across Canada
  • Diabetes Foot Amputation Prevention Program



Diabetes is a common chronic disease which affects more then two million Canadians and has no cure.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure... was never as true as for diabetic feet:  50% of all lower extremity amputations are due to Diabetes!

We would like during  Foot Health Month in May 2011 to make a promotional poster campaign across Canada into the physician's waiting room to educate Diabetic Patients on the importance a yearly foot examination "Knock Your Socks Off" during their yearly physical examination with their Family Doctor.

We would like to educate the Diabetic Patients about the potential foot complications like foot and lower leg wounds and amputations. We want to educate and give advice on preventative care for Diabetic's feet.

"Our goal is to keep Diabetic’s feet healthy, to them walking and active, to prevent foot amputation, and to benefit their overall health!”

Community Benefit

Our goal is to keep Canada's Diabetic’s feet healthy, to them walking and active, to prevent foot amputation, and to benefit their overall health! All Diabetics in Canada are at Risk of Foot and Lower Leg Amputations! This Campaign will Educate Patients to "Knock Your Socks Off!" during their yearly physical exam with the family doctor to have their feet examines as well! The importance of proper, preventative foot care cannot be overstated! How Does Diabetes Affect Your Feet? -Atherosclerosis :Blood vessel damage caused by high glucose levels can lead to poor circulation in legs and feet. Poor circulation slows down healing and increases chance of foot infection. - Neuropathy is nerve damage to the nervous system in the feet. Neuropathy can cause the shape of your foot to change, as well as cause loss of sensation. A diabetic may not feel a minor cut or abrasion until hours later, if at all.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 100,000 "Knock Your Socks Off" Promotional Campaign

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