Fitness in the Park, putting fitness equipment in parks in the GTA. Fazela yasi


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  • Bringing Free Fitness to all Communities

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We all know that the obesity rates are escalating throughout the country. For the first time, our children are expected to live a shorter lifespan than we are, so we have to start making some changes. Parents must set the example for healthy lifestyle for our children.
I believes in the health of my community and have started a new company to bring fitness for many communities. We are providing our product at cost to introduce the new concept to north america. I am a mom with two children, who believes we need to change our lifestyle and set an example for them. 
 Your neighborhood parks can become a place where everyone can hang out. No more sitting on the sidelines while the children play. Now parents can exercise alongside their kids in newly designated family fitness zones. Project plan will include these steps. contact city to get permission.
Permission must be given by the city to place equipment.
Design of park
purchase of equipment
Installation of equipment.

Community Benefit

The benifit to our comunity is simple health for everyone. now you will not have an excuse to not use your local park for fitness, and it free for all to use.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Budget will not cover marketing the equipment to the community, or the land space to place the equipment this is to be provided by the city.
$ 56,950 Buy equipment/ for 3 parks/ 10 pieces of equipment for each park.
$ 24,360 Installation
$ 18,690 Park design

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