Start and maintain a Parent Centre in Innisfail, AB.Melinda Mercer


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  • To provide a variety of programs for parents/caregivers
  • To provide a variety of programs for children
  • To provide a safe and inclusive play program for preschoolers


The Innisfail Parent Centre will provide a variety of programs for parents, caregivers, and children.  Programs may include:  story time, craft time, indoor play space, daddy and me time, healthy meal planning, etc.   The program will provide a place within the community that parents can find information, network with other parents, and give their children positive play experiences. 

The Parent Centre will focus on providing parents with knowledge and resources aimed at children's learning, development and health.  Parents will have access to information about community services, as well as have opportunites to interact with other parents. 

How will the $100K be used?

$ 18,000 Rent for the 1st year
$ 20,000 Interior storage, furnishings, equipment, toys
$ 20,000 Programming budget for 1 year (all supplies)
$ 40,000 Wages for 2 part-time staff members

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