fund complimentary health and wellness programs at our local market.AppleTree Markets


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  • To provide complimentary health and wellness education programs
  • To engage families to stay fit and healthy together without cost
  • To recruit a minimum of 25 participants each week to stay active

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Fresh foods, green space, and free fitness classes…could there be a more wholesome combination?

The mission of AppleTree Markets is simple --to make fresh living fun....and free. Fresh-Air Fitness, a complimentary outdoor activity program sponsored by Daily Apple and Lululemon, launched on June 24th at the Yonge-Eglinton AppleTree Market. The goal is to teach participants the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. The classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, with a strong pitch to teenagers and families. Certified instructors from neighbourhing businesses craft classes blending cardiovascular activity, yoga, "boot-camp"-style strength training, and just plain fun moving around! Classes are free, but there is an urgent need for a modest marketing budget, equipment funds and for nominal instructor fees to compensate our generous instructors.

What better way to "refresh" than with "fresh-air fitness!"



How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Administration costs Programming Instructor recruitment - all covered by AppleTree Market volunteers
$ 2,500 Instructor Fees - $50 per instructor/50 weeks of classes
$ 2,500 indoor and outdoor permit costs
$ 1,000 equipment budget
$ 700 equipment storage facility on-site
$ 2,000 marketing and PR
$ 1,000 insurance costs
$ 300 Annual Fresh Air Fitness Event

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