Future Studios: Creating Canada's First Zero-Emission Recording StudioFuture Studios


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  • Becoming Canada's first zero emission, self-sustainable green studio
  • Dedicated to offer a complete 360 project for artists from any genre
  • Use recycled materials and implement renewable energy methods
  • Offer affordable rehearsal space for artists young & old, East to West
  • Offer a complete recording experience from mastering to distribution

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Let’s make green music together.

Future Studios and Unsigned Records are working to make Canadian music greener by bringing you Canada's first eco-friendly recording studio.

At Future Studios we’re using wind and solar power rather than traditional dirty energy sources. We call our approach greencording; it means keeping emissions low during construction and operation. It means starting from scratch, building with recycled materials, using motion censored lights, & energy efficient heating in our 700sq.ft studio.

The local economy is important to us. This is why we plan to partner with local tradespeople, volunteers, and eco-conscious community members during our construction phase to make our vision a reality.

The unfortunate reality of going green is that it’s costly. Without this grant we cannot afford to build an eco-friendly studio. That’s where you come in. Vote for us everyday and watch and listen as the Canadian music scene gets greener.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Other funding options will likely be needed for daily operation such as maintenance on the solar panels and turbines. Permits will be needed for installation yet we are determined however to complete the project within our budget and time frame.
$ 15,000 Solar Panels & Wind Turbines
$ 5,000 Construction of Studio
$ 2,000 Computer & Recording Equipment
$ 2,000 Marketing Campaign
$ 700 Rent per Month
$ 300 Recycled and Reusable Materials ex. wood flooring & second hand items

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