start-up a new foundation that will promote random acts of kindness.Ryan Mulligan ( )


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  • To successfully launch this dream of mine, the “Mulligan Foundation”.
  • Create and establish establish a huge Mulligan network of giving.
  • Be as environmentally friendly as possible with all our products.
  • Brighten up everybody’s day with the help of community involvement.
  • Drive coast to coast Canada holding Mulligan Golf fundraising events.



The mission of this entity, the Mulligan Foundation, is to help people with small acts of kindness, some examples of which may be:

  • To put some kids into minor sports that otherwise may not be able to (gear and registration fees, etc.
  • Pay some seniors homecare costs for an interim period.
  • Take care of shoveling Mrs. Jones’ driveway and/or lawn for a period of time.
  • Send someone home for Christmas that otherwise could not afford it.
  • Buy some gifts for children in the hospital.
  • Help cover expenses for a family’s veterinary bill for a sick or injured pet.
  • The possibilities are endless. Large or small we’ll consider them all.

Why would we do these things? Because “The gift is in the giving,” “Charity gives back,” “An unexpected gift at a unexpected time,” “Bring joy to others and you’ll find it in yourself,” etc.  When it comes right down to it, we’re doing this for ourselves because it makes us feel good.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: It will not cover any of my personal living expense's. I will continue to work my full-time job.
$ 2,500 Legal and accounting costs.
$ 5,000 Web-site building, hosting, and maintaining for one year.
$ 2,000 Equipment and Stationary.
$ 4,500 Non-profit lucky green enviromentally friendly Mulligan bracelets.
$ 7,500 Non-profit Mulligan Foundation enviro-friendly t'shirts.
$ 3,500 To give out as random acts of kindness (Mulligans).

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