Give a Dollar Give a Damn Port Moody, BC Youth Fight HomelessnessLaurel Allen


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  • Raise funds Food Bank/Educate community "changing Face of Homelessness



Have High School students distribute and sell wrist bands saying "GIVE A DOLLAR GIVE A DAMN". These bands will sell for one dollar and the proceeds go to the local food bank. The youth involved will also be educated on the changing face of homelessness and in turn can educated the community while selling the wrist bands. The $5,000 would be use to purchase the wrist bands and supply the local high schools with flyers and poster to help educated the students who can then in turn educate the public.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: All youth involved are volunteers the grant will be for wrist bands, fliers and posters, and tin cans to put loonies in.
$ 5,000 buy wrist bands poster, flyers,tin cans for loonies

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