buy camera equipment/to build a website to get local bands noticed. Shaun Alden


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  • To build a Website, so that I along with Local Musicians get noticed


Project Summary:

To build a Photographic Website where I can get my name and image out to the masses.
By doing this I can promote local artists/ musicians to the local public and at the same time bring international attention to them and myself as well.
By doing this I finally would be able to better protect my images, and be able to offer prints ect.. to a larger audience, and also have a space aside from social networks to post links to the artists I am trying to help get noticed.

- 1Gallery Exhibit
- National/ Local Press Mentions( Rock 97.7 Radio Website(Rogers),Herald Tribune,104.7FM,Q99 Radio.)
- Have local Musicians at exhibit, free concert by artists to promote local talent.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 10,000 To buy better Camera Equipment
$ 10,000 To Build Website
$ 5,000 Promotions

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