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  • Have Grade 8 students produce environmental movies

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For the last two years, students from J.W. Walker School have worked with a local film maker to create Green Films to be showcased at an Environmental Film Festival held in our held in our small town of Fort Frances, Ontario. Students are currently working on their third set of films. We would like to be able to be able to provide this same opportunity to eight other schools in our district, then premier the movies at our Environmental Film Festival.  We would then share our movies with other schools/film festivals in Ontario and Canada.

Community Benefit

By creating Green Films, students are learning that one person can make a difference and we all have a responsibility to make that difference. We are the problem, but we are also the solution. These films can then be shared with the rest of our school board as well as all of Canada.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 2,000 Robert Moore School
$ 2,000 Crossroads School
$ 2,000 Donald Young School
$ 2,000 J.W. Walker School
$ 2,000 Mine Centre School
$ 2,000 Sturgeon Creek School
$ 2,000 Riverview School
$ 2,000 McCrosson-Tovell School
$ 2,000 Nestor Falls School
$ 2,000 Atikokan High School
$ 5,000 travel allowance for film maker

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