transform alleyways into green welcoming spaces with youth Green Thumb Youth Coop


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  • train 10 youth on horticulture
  • plant indigenous plants of the land
  • engage 5 residential leaders to maintain the alley way



Project Summery:

Green Thumb Youth Coop is a social enterprise that works with at-risk youth to gain life skills and work experience. Green Thumb creates green and safer spaces in unclaimed alleyways. In partnership with coop agents, local community organizations, and youth employment centres, partners interested in Green Thumb offer a holistic approach to learning and starting a business. (learning by doing)  Two weeks will be training workshops on horticulture and leadership building.  Outreach and meeting with neighbours build a better sense of community and break some prejudgments of youth in the neighbourhood.  By the end of summer 2011 (September) Green Thumb will have a community celebration of the new green alley.  


  • 1 grand opening celebration of the new green alley in NDG
  • 10 at-risk youth working towards a common community goal to better the environment
  • Provide training in HR, Marketing, Production, and Accounting

Community Benefit

Green Thumb has a positive impact on two main stakeholders in the community: Youth and Residents in Borough of NDG. Youth learn management and entrepreneurial skills in a cooperative model. Through doing, they build a sense of self confidence, Green Thumb meets members where they are based on their skill level and strengths. Green Thumb's approach includes residents and community members in the decision making process of any project. Through surveys and info sessions Youth gain public speaking skills and build a network. These relationships demystify judgments of youth and model positive leadership. Residents life a safer community since working together brings people out of isolation and gets acquainted with the future generation of their neighbourhood. Urban settings are in great need for gardens to reduce pollution and create spaces where neighbours can exchange.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 5,980 Marketing
$ 4,600 Training on Horticulture
$ 5,000 purchase of plants
$ 9,000 salary and honorarium

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