produce an appliance that rapidly recycles food scraps into fertilizerUrban Farms Organic, Inc


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  • fund the manufacturing our first product
  • conduct outreach campaign to encourage growing edible house plants
  • market the rapid recycling of food scraps into liquid fertilizer
  • distribute our product to interested retailers, set up online store
  • continue developing our second product while we market the first

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UFO creates appliances that rapidly recycle food scraps to organic fertilizer particularly where composting is not possible. A market survey showed that 82% of you wish you could get more value out of their food scraps. 

If we win the prize, we will fund manufacturing a first batch of our product, of which we have a market-ready prototype. We will also design a package and logo, and conduct an outreach campaign. Since rapidly extracting liquid fertilizer from food scraps is a novel idea, we plan to educate the public about it.

Surveys showed that 30 to 40% of North American households home-garden. 30% of greater Toronto households use organic fertilizer, and 60% of home gardeners favor organic fertilizer.

Our counter-top kitchen appliance is priced at $20, keeps the waste aerated, prevents odors, as opposed to trapping it, and extracts a liquid organic fertilizer from it on a regular basis. This benefits urban gardening, local food production, and reduces carbon footprint.

Community Benefit

Our product, combined with our outreach campaign, changes recycling of food scraps from a strictly benevolent act to something that saves the consumer money, and makes healthy organic food more accessible to them. This encourages recycling. It also fulfills our socially responsible purpose to make food waste recycling a means to a more affordable life, which is a shift from considering green life-style a luxury. Our planned products and outreach campaign will encourage local organic food production and decrease food imports to cities, which reduces energy use for food transport and for manufacturing synthetic fertilizer. This also reduces carbon footprint, and greenhouse effect.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 75,000 fund mold, first step in manufacturing
$ 11,000 manufacture first batch
$ 6,000 outreach campaign to promote urban organic gardening
$ 8,000 initial marketing campaign

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