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  • To rescue, rehabilitate and release Ontario's native wildlife in need.
  • To provide education to the public on wildlife conflicts.
  • To provide educational programs to the public and schools.
  • To raise $10,000 a year through fundraising for rehabilitation costs.

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Heaven's Wildlife Rescue will rescue, rehabilitate and release Ontario's native wildlife. Our ever growing communities are encroaching on our wildlife's habitat. This is resulting in wildlife babies that are starving to death because their parents have been injured or killed. We need to educate the public on urban wildlife conflicts and provide a rescue where we can take these animals in and give them a second chance at life. Heaven's Wildlife Rescue will provide a place for injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife and will rehabilitate them until they can be released back into their natural habitat. Will will be vaccinating the wildlife prior to release to prevent them from contracting diseases and give them a good start at their new life! We will be setting up an intake area, clinic, nursery and isolation unit in our facility. We will also be building juvenille, adult and pre release housing for several different species.       

Community Benefit

Heaven's Wildlife Rescue will fill a need in Ontario by providing free wildlife rehabilitation services. We will care for Ontario's injured, displaced and orphaned wildlife so they can be released back to their natural habitat. Right now there is no Wildlife Rescue in our area and it is illegal to care for wildlife unless you are an Authorized Wildlife Custodian. There have been instances where unauthorized people have tried to care for wildlife illegally however this usually ends up in death for the animals in care when they are not fed the proper diet. This also puts the public at risk of contracting zoonotic diseases. No one wants to sit back and do nothing when there is an animal suffering or in need of care. We need a Wildlife Rescue to care for our wildlife. We will be providing educational programs to help prevent human wildlife conflicts. We will be providing educational programs for schools and will be providing 24 hour telephone service for any and all wildlife enquiries.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Our budget will get our Wildlife Rescue totally set up and ready to start rehabiltating our wildlife. The budget does not cover the costs of rehabilitating the wildlife and vet bills. These costs will be covered by my income, donations and fundraising.
$ 40,000 To build our clinic, exam, nursery.
$ 1,000 Microscope.
$ 20,000 Isolation building.
$ 25,000 Pre release outside cages.
$ 10,000 Supplies for clinic, exam and nursery.
$ 4,000 Indoor housing and cages for nursery and isolation unit.

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