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  • Ensure kids in Toronto get an opportunity to participate in hockey


Statistics have shown that there is a declined for kids in sports participation. In Toronto, especially in Scarborough, the number of kids enrolled in organized hockey has dropped significantly. In the last four years, registered players in the Scarborough hockey Association dropped by 12%.

The main reason is the demographics has changed for this location. Canadian census in 2006 has shown that this area has seen a rise in visible minorities to almost 50%. Many of the kids in this area do not get the opportunity to play due to the cost of purchasing equipment and the cost of the league fee.

With the average full set hockey equipment costing $150-$200 and league fees at around $450, family cannot afford to spend the $700 on leisure when that can be used for the basic essentials like rent and food. And if the child wants to play the goaltending position, it will be an additional cost of $200 in equipment.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: we're hoping to have children hockey equipment donated, the above cost does not cover cleaning of used equipment
$ 20,000 full hockey gear
$ 50,000 pay league fee
$ 10,000 advertisement
$ 5,000 full goaltending equipments
$ 15,000 sponsorship

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